Thesis Theme Review

by Chris on April 20, 2013

Simple put, I love the Thesis WordPress Theme. I use it for every one of my sites and it is simply the easiest way for me to setup a nice looking blog that can be customized for whatever niche I am in. I liken it more to a WordPress theme framework, rather then just a standard WordPress theme since it is so flexible and gives you a huge amount of control when designing your site. The latest Thesis Theme 1.8 release adds some great new bells and whistles, and makes working with your sites that much easier. In this Thesis Theme review, I wanted to highlight some of best things I like about Thesis Theme.

Why Choose Thesis Theme?

  • Customize Your Site As YOU Like It – There’s nothing worse then being stuck with a WordPress theme that doesn’t allow you to layout your site exactly how you want. With Thesis theme’s powerful hooks, and custom loop API you can pretty much do anything with it.
  • Easy To Use Interface – Change your site layout, upload site header, font controls, and other site settings can all be modified from within the Thesis control panel. Even if you don’t know any HTML/CSS you can still create beautiful looking sites with Thesis.
  • Excellent On Page SEO – Thesis includes all the SEO options required to achieve optimal on page SEO for achieving high search engine rankings.
  • Regular Updates – Thesis theme is constantly being update to include awesome new features. Thus Thesis will continue to grow alongside your business.
  • Over 29,000 Customers – Thesis theme is the most popular premium wordpress theme on the planet and used by folks such as Matt Cutts, Danny Sullivan, and Sugarrae

Thesis Theme – Easy Layout Customization

Thesis Theme Design Options

With most WordPress themes, you are usually stuck with whatever column layout it was designed for. So unless you are a html/css whiz, it can be really difficult to change from say a two-column layout to a magazine style three-column layout. Not so with Thesis Theme. One of the options in the Design Options page is the ability to change the number of columns you want in your layout on the fly. Just specify the number of columns you want in the settings and your blog changes instantly. If want a three column look (1 content column, 2 sidebars), just select it with one click. You have complete control over the widths of each column, and you can even change the order in which they are displayed. This is amazingly powerful, and the basis to designing your site exactly how you want it.

Thesis Theme – Change the Look and Feel

You will likely want to change the colors, fonts of the various sections on your site. These can all be changed from with the Design Options pages as well. Thesis Theme integrates an awesome color picker widget that makes choosing the color you want really simple. If there’s something you want to change that can’t be done in the control panel, then you can add some CSS styling using your site’s custom stylesheet. The Thesis developers wisely separated this out from the main Thesis stylesheet so all your customizations are easily ported over during any Thesis updates. If you really want to change the look of your site, you can also try one of the many Thesis skins available. There are many free and premium Thesis Theme skins that you can try and some of them are really cool.

Thesis Theme – Other Cool Features

Other Thesis Theme features I really like a lot are the ability to add your own analytics tracking codes directly from the control panel. So if you use some analytics software like Google Analytics or Piwik, it can be easily integrated into your site. Thesis also integrates with all the popular javascript libraries like JQuery, Prototype, Mootools and others so you can easily add cool Ajax effects to your blog. Just select the javascript library you want, and start using it – no downloading required!

You can do some really cool things with the Thesis Theme multimedia box as well. Basically, it is a place on your site which you can use to rotate pictures, show Youtube videos, or even add banner ads to your site.

Thesis Theme – SEO Ready

One thing I’ve always looked for in a good WordPress Theme is to see how SEO friendly it is. For other themes, I’ve always downloaded the All-in-one SEO pack wordpress plugin to help with my SEO efforts. With Thesis Theme, you no longer need download a separate plugin like this. The theme makes it really simple to do things like customize your blog and post titles, update the meta tags for your posts, category and tag pages, and a whole lot more. Thesis Theme is SEO ready out of the box, and another reason why I like using it so much.

Thesis Theme – The Community

Finally, Thesis Theme has a really amazing community. It is probably the most popular premium WordPress Theme out there, and adoption of Thesis Theme has grown really fast since it was first released. The developer of Thesis Theme, Chris Pearson is awesome, and you can tell by the frequent Thesis Theme updates that he is really dedicated to making Thesis the best WordPress theme available. If you ever have any questions, there is also a very active Thesis Theme forum that I recommend you join. Plus as you can tell from this Thesis Theme tutorial site and others, there are a ton of third-party sites that are built around Thesis Theme and dedicated to helping you make the most out if it. As you can see, I really enjoy using Thesis Theme and I hope you enjoyed reading this Thesis Theme review. Come join our community and start using Thesis Theme.

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D. Morgan Henley May 20, 2010 at 3:11 pm

Great post/page Chris! I am running into more and more fans of Thesis. I just wouldn’t use anything else on my sites. Can’t figure out what I like best, the ease of configuration and design changes, or the seo power it brings to the table.

Thanks for the great content, keep it coming!

Andrew July 19, 2010 at 8:50 pm

Great information Chris and very well explained. I recently launched a blog and found it very easy to rely on the “community” of users for code and helpful tutorials.

David Alexander January 14, 2011 at 8:44 am

I couldn’t recommend this theme framework more if I tried!

Mark Hockenberry July 21, 2011 at 8:36 am

Thanks Chris
I’ve recently launched my site using WordPress and Thesis. This theme opens the doors for creativity and is easy to manage. Couldn’t ask for a better combination!

One-Happy-Webmaster :)

Jason December 19, 2011 at 7:01 am

Thanks for the review Chris, I had heard others recommend the Thesis theme before but didn’t know if the price justified it; your review has convinced me to give it a try. I appreciate it.

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